Lighthouse 14 and You

Lighthouse 14 offers personal and professional development services for business owners and executives, employees, entrepreneurs and college- and career-bound individuals. Our focus on career and education attainment comprises 11 coaching tracks, plus resume development and interview preparation.

We help transform executives into leaders, dreamers into doers and aspirants into graduates. We turn fear into courage, uncertainty into confidence and insights into action. Our approach is to help you find or create a pathway to personal fulfillment, start down and stay on that path, and when you reach the end, be ready to pivot in a new direction.

Your Journey

Coaching with Lighthouse 14 requires a genuine commitment to self-exploration and personal growth. Come to each session ready to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences.

You will soon begin to look forward to our sessions; they will become sacred time for you and what matters most to you. You will learn to tackle negative beliefs and fears, calm physical tension, quiet your mind and recharge your system. Your thoughts, decisions and actions will become progressively more aligned with your values, priorities and passions. With each session, you will be more prepared to create the life you were meant to live.

Sessions are conducted primarily via Skype video calls and occasionally by telephone.