Our highly-customized data assists our clients in their leadership growth process.

We show you how to leverage your top strengths.

If you aren’t sufficiently assertive about your top strengths, you won’t be able to leverage them to achieve your ambitions. It’s a missed opportunity to elevate performance and impact, and to build better relationships at work.

Lighthouse 14’s tool of choice is the Gallup Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment. Based on more than four decades of strengths-insight research, Gallup provides an invaluable opportunity to apply the principles of strength-based development.

We take an innovative approach by concentrating on your top 5 strengths as identified in your assessment. Through our Debrief & Strategy Session, you will gain new awareness, new knowledge and solid strategies to significantly advance your personal and professional success.

We elevate your leadership performance through Emotional Intelligence.

According to the leading emotional intelligence research in Harvard Business Review, 90% of star performers’ success in senior leadership positions is attributed to their emotional intelligence factors, rather than their cognitive abilities. The most beloved and truly successful leaders possess a high degree of Emotional Intelligence while leading teams.

Lighthouse 14 has selected EQ-i 2.0 and EQ-i 360, the top Emotional Intelligence validated assessments on the market, to give insight into your strengths and blind spots. Through your Debrief & Strategy Session with Erika Medrado, you’ll receive high-value feedback, and brainstorm execution strategies to increase your emotional intelligence while improving your leadership effectiveness. The work will immediately impact your relationship building and team building approach.

These assessments are fully integrated into our executive coaching packages (6-month and 12-month contract).