Discovery & Clarity Session Details

Discover how to optimize success with Lighthouse 14

The Discovery & Clarity Session is intended for Assistant Managers, Managers and Aspiring Business Leaders in the Hospitality Industry who want to discuss their priorities, explore new possibilities and find out what Lighthouse 14 can do for them.

The Discovery & Clarity Session includes:

  • Identify and discuss highest priorities
  • Gain clarity on development opportunities
  • Brainstorm and walk-away with a list of new strategies addressing your priority topics
  • Understand how One-on-One Emerging Leaders Coaching works
  • Get to know Erika Medrado’s style as your potential Executive Coach
  • Understand Emerging Leaders Coaching Return of the Investment (ROI)
  • Q&A Opportunity

Keep growing. At the end of the session, clients who desire to invest in their professional development and experience a dynamic coaching engagement will have an opportunity to sign up for a 3-month or a 6-month Emerging Leader Coaching package.

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