12-Month Coaching Retainer Details

Receive concierge service and immersive support

The 12-month Executive Coaching Retainer is a VIP package intended for GMs, Hotel Managers, Executive Committee Directors (EXCOM), Division Heads, Department Heads and senior leaders in the Hospitality Industry who want access to the highest level of coaching concierge services and the most personalized experience Lighthouse 14 has to offer.

The high-caliber yearly retainer service provides our clients with the flexibility of a hybrid model. This hybrid model offers coaching, consulting, and business strategy, with continual, external support from our founder and leading hospitality expert, Erika Medrado.

We align each coaching session around the specific needs, objectives, and priorities of our clients.

The 12-Month Coaching Retainer includes all coaching services and tools from the 6-month package:

  • A Strategy Session: Define your objectives and clarify strategies for business growth in each quarter.
  • One-on-One Executive Coaching: Navigate the complexities of the hospitality industry with Lighthouse 14’s expert guidance.
  • Develop a Support System and Accountability Tools: Build a network and accountability tools to execute the strategies in the workplace.
  • Reflect, Brainstorm, and Calibrate: Reflect on strengths and blind spots to grow to the fullest potential. We’ll provide the feedback needed to optimize strategies over the duration of a professional career.
  • Quarterly Outcome Sessions: Analyze quarterly results, and plan for next steps. We’ll focus on future goals and execution strategies to fuel the path to success.
  • GALLUP Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment and Debrief: Increase self-efficacy and leverage strengths to increase power, influence, impact, performance.
  • Leadership Emotional Intelligence Assessment (EQ-i 2.0) and Debrief: Leverage Emotional Intelligence strengths and develop blind spots to strengthen leadership skills.
  • Harvard Business Review Leadership Conversations: Gain access to top research on leadership advancement and engage in thought-provoking conversations with Lighthouse 14.
  • Personal Branding and Executive Presence Conversations: Enhance your personal brand and elevator pitch. Increase executive presence and leadership positioning.

Plus exclusive, concierge services and external support:

  • Concierge Service - VIP Priority Scheduling: Our priority scheduling accommodates the varying demands of VIP clients.
  • Concierge Service - Extensive Support Year-Round: Direct access to Erika Medrado with check-in calls, texts, and emails in-between sessions.
  • Concierge Service – Access to our Hybrid Model: VIP Clients can go beyond the traditional coaching model and are offered up to 8 additional hours of Erika Medrado’s expertise for consulting or business strategy meetings for any of these tiers in the hospitality industry (including but not limited to): Hospitality Operations, Human Resources Operations, Talent Acquisition (Behavioral-Based Recruiting & Selection), Talent Development (Succession Planning for Teams), Talent Retention (Morale, Satisfaction, Employee Opinion Survey Scores, Turnover Decrease) or Standards Quality Assessment.

Continue to access high-level concierge services. At the end of the annual contract, clients will have an opportunity to renew the package for the upcoming year.

Executive Coaching Retainer fees vary and are customized to each executive client’s priorities. The starting fee is USD$ 2,500 per month.

We’re eager to customize a proposal that meets your needs. Contact Erika Medrado at +1 (206) 774-8614 or by email to setup an introductory in-person or video conference meeting. We will connect with you within 24 hours.

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