6-Month Executive Coaching Details

Experience our most requested coaching service

This 6-month Executive Coaching Package is a more complete and full-cycle coaching experience for GMs, Hotel Managers, Executive Committee Directors (EXCOM), Division Heads, Department Heads and established leaders in the Hospitality Industry who want to move up, impact, empower and lead highly effective teams and operations.

We align each coaching session around the specific needs, objectives, and priorities of our clients.

The 6-Month Executive Coaching Package includes:

  • A Strategy Session: Define your objectives and clarify a pathway to move quickly in a desired direction.
  • One-on-One Executive Coaching: Navigate the complexities of the hospitality industry with Lighthouse 14’s expert guidance. It’s an immersive and in-depth process of exploration and growth.
  • Develop a Support System and Accountability Tools: Build a support network and accountability tools to successfully execute goals and strategies.
  • Reflect, Brainstorm, and Calibrate: Reflect on strengths and blind spots to grow to the fullest potential. We’ll provide the feedback needed to optimize higher potential and unlock new talents.
  • An Outcome Session: Analyze the six-month results, and plan for next steps. We’ll focus on future goals and execution strategies to fuel the path to success.

Additionally, it builds in 2 highly sought-after leadership assessments and special features for accelerated results:

  • GALLUP Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment and Debrief: Increase self-efficacy and leverage strengths to increase power, influence, impact, performance.
  • Leadership Emotional Intelligence Assessment (EQ-i 2.0) and Debrief: Leverage Emotional Intelligence strengths and develop blind spots to strengthen leadership skills.
  • Special Feature - Harvard Business Review Leadership Conversations: Gain access to top research on leadership advancement and engage in thought-provoking conversations with Lighthouse 14.
  • Special Feature - Personal Branding and Executive Presence Conversations: Build a personal brand and elevator pitch. Increase executive presence and leadership positioning.

Keep growing. At the end of the contract, clients who desire to push their growth & development to the next level will have an opportunity to renew the package.

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