Portfolio of Services


Lighthouse 14 has extensive firsthand experience in the field of human resources. We share our HR skills and knowledge through our consulting practice, and when additional capacity is what you need, we’ll step in for limited-term, hands-on engagements.


HR operations for the luxury hospitality market is our core area of expertise. We’ve worked with some of the best hospitality programs in the world, and we know from years of hands-on experience what high-end hospitality is all about.

Lighthouse 14 will help you recruit and select the finest candidates and prepare entry or mid-level professionals for upward mobility. To develop the next generation of hoteliers, we also work in partnership with premium hotel schools to support student enrollment and career placement efforts.


Lighthouse 14 has significant experience interviewing, selecting and coaching teachers, aspiring and established principals and other district staff. Since 2011, we have been interviewing Teach for America educators and partnering with Rice University’s Education Entrepreneurship Program (REEP) —one of the best K-12 business leadership programs in the United States. Both programs are at the forefront of the U.S. public education reform movement.

Our K-12 clients generally call on us for support in two areas: talent acquisition and talent development.


Lighthouse 14 provides limited-term direct services and consulting to key operational areas in institutions of higher education. Our blend of higher education and HR experience is a winning combination for colleges and universities looking for help with admissions, career management and alumni relations.


Lighthouse 14 provides fee-based consulting and direct support to nonprofit organizations. We leverage the full breadth of our HR skills to establish or enhance entire HR departments, provide leadership and functional support for special projects, and augment in-house recruiting and selection efforts.