Higher Education Services

Lighthouse 14 provides limited-term direct services and consulting to key operational areas in institutions of higher education. Our blend of higher education and HR experience is a winning combination for colleges and universities looking for help with admissions, career management and alumni relations.

Admissions Office

When it comes to selecting students for admission to your college or university, Lighthouse 14 has the knowledge and experience every institution needs. Using a combination of behavioral-based interviewing techniques and comparative analysis and ranking methodologies, we can ensure the best candidates are selected.

Career Management Center

Lighthouse 14 can help your students prepare for life after graduation. We provide practical guidance with resume development and interview preparation (including mock interviews), as well as professional coaching along five tracks.

We also provide direct support to career management center staff, including conducting exit interviews and program satisfaction surveys. By partnering with Lighthouse 14, you can capture valuable data even when you don’t have the staff to do it yourself. The cost of not collecting feedback from alumni is simply too great to forego.

Alumni Relations

Your alumni are your greatest assets. Creating lifetime value for them is the key to building fruitful and enduring relationships. Lighthouse 14 is ready to provide one-on-one career coaching, as well as job-search planning and interview preparation, specifically for your alums.