Hospitality Industry Services

HR operations for the luxury hospitality market is our core area of expertise. We’ve worked with some of the best hospitality programs in the world, and we know from years of hands-on experience what high-end hospitality is all about.

Lighthouse 14 will help you recruit and select the finest candidates and prepare entry or mid-level professionals for upward mobility. To develop the next generation of hoteliers, we also work in partnership with premium hotel schools to support student enrollment and career placement efforts.

Interviewing, Selection and Job Fairs

We use behavioral-based interviewing and selection techniques to identify highly qualified employees for hospitality schools, hotels, resorts, concierge service companies, restaurants, airlines and cruise lines. We also plan, organize, execute and interview for job fairs. When your hiring needs are great and your internal capacity is limited, Lighthouse 14 can provide what you need when you need it.

Employee Onboarding

Integrating new hires into your organization is a vital first step toward long-term job satisfaction, on-the-job excellence and employee retention. Lighthouse 14 helps organizations design, build and refine employee-orientation processes. Our know-how comes from many years of designing, facilitating and assessing new-employee experiences for luxury hotel brands.

Standards Testing (Mystery Shopping)

Hotels and other hospitality businesses depend heavily on the quality of service their employees provide. Lighthouse 14 offers standards-testing services to assess actual performance against service-related benchmarks. Our multi-lingual team knows how to identify product and service glitches, and our detailed reports include practical recommendations for improvement.