HR Services

Lighthouse 14 has extensive firsthand experience in the field of human resources. We share our HR skills and knowledge through our consulting practice, and when additional capacity is what you need, we’ll step in for limited-term, hands-on engagements.

Talent Acquisition

Need help designing an effective recruiting strategy? We do that. We also provide planning and logistical support for job fairs and other events. We process resumes and job applications, conduct interviews using behavioral-based interviewing techniques and provide support for panel interviews.

Talent Development

It’s not enough to hire great talent; you also have to nurture individual team members and cultivate an organizational culture that supports professional growth. Lighthouse 14 will partner with your organization to conduct performance assessments, company culture and service standards testing (mystery shopping), transfer and promotion evaluations, and one-on-one employee mentoring or coaching.

Talent Retention

Lighthouse 14 can help you keep your high-value employees happy and productive. We conduct employee-satisfaction surveys, employee-relations program assessments and exit interviews. We also assist with succession planning to ensure the cream always rises to the top.