Nonprofit Services

Lighthouse 14 provides fee-based consulting and direct support to nonprofit organizations. We leverage the full breadth of our HR skills to establish or enhance entire HR departments, provide leadership and functional support for special projects, and augment in-house recruiting and selection efforts.

HR Office Setup

Lighthouse 14 is ready to step into your organization just long enough to establish basic HR systems and protocols and train your staff. But it doesn’t have to end there. We’ll also monitor and evaluate critical functions to ensure your HR department is adding maximum value to the overall organization.

HR Consulting

Is your HR department in need of retooling? Does it need a makeover? Lighthouse 14 is available to assess and diagnose performance issues, make recommendations, and develop implementation strategies.

Special Projects

Turn to Lighthouse 14 when you need additional bandwidth to launch or sustain a new initiative. Nothing excites us more than helping good organizations do great work.