Find the Light

Personal development is an essential, but often overlooked, component of professional growth. To a great extent, our success in boardrooms and classrooms rests upon our overall state of wellness—mind, body and soul.

Lighthouse 14’s holistic approach attacks root causes wherever they lie and enables deep and lasting changes. Signing up for Lighthouse 14’s personal development coaching track is a great starting point for individuals in transition, as well as those facing career uncertainty or desiring greater self-awareness, confidence and personal fulfillment.

We are also delighted when we can refer clients to wellness retreats for an even deeper immersion in personal development. Esalen, Omega and Miraval top our list for U.S. locations. All three are world-class retreats in exquisite settings, each with their own approach to creating more joy, more meaning and more abundance in your life. How can you say no?

If you are interested in a wellness retreat, let us know. We’ll help you choose a facility and the most appropriate programming for you. Lighthouse 14 is not affiliated with these or any other wellness retreat.